Personalized Astrological Consultations and Predictions
based on the principles of Vedic Astrology of the Hindus.
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About Vedic Astrology
"The Science of Light"
Vedic Astrology is a study and practice of predictive astrology from India and is probably the oldest astrological system known to mankind, remaining almost unchanged and dating back to before 3000 B.C. As one of the true ancient systems of astrology, Vedic or Hindu Astrology is renowned for its spiritual depth and accuracy in predicting future events, revealing one's destiny and relationship compatibility, as well as many other aspects of human life.
Based on the sidereal zodiac, it reflects an astrologer's perception of the effects of the planets in the constellations. Through its practical application in daily life, Vedic Astrology has made tremendous inroads into the Western astrological community in recent years.
Another name for Vedic Astrology is "Jyotish Shastra", which are Sanskrit words meaning the "Science of Light". It is based on the Vedas, the original scriptures of India and, perhaps, of all Indo-European societies.
About Astrodesk
"Astrology is a vast ocean of knowledge and a continuous learning process."
-- Astrodesk Astrologer,
I picked up my first book on Astrology in 1961 when I began college at the age of fifteen. For 10 years I cast horoscopes, but I had a feeling there was more I could do to learn the ways to predict the future. I was inspired by an astrologer who would visit our place and give astounding predictions, with accurate dates. Once I explored this practice more deeply I was also able to provide good results.
I continued to explore deeper and in the process I investigated the texts of Vedic Astrology of The Hindus in order to find better results. My knowledge is founded on the basic principles of Vedic Astrology coupled with my own research of more than 30 years. With every horoscope I learn more. I have been giving consultations to close friends and relatives since 1971, and they keep coming back to me. In the past few months I have given over 500 readings, most of which have received positive feedback about their accuracy. Please visit our Guestbook to view comments of some of our customers.
Learn more about the types of astrological consultations and readings offered by Astrodesk on the Consultation Services page.
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